How Effective Is Dental Sedation?

Don’t let your fear of visiting the dentist stop you from getting necessary dental treatment. This can jeopardize your oral health and your overall health. If you’re stressed out about visiting the dentist, sedation might be a good option for you! In this blog post, we discuss the gentle sedation options we offer here at Artistic Dentistry.

Drawing of a woman's mouth with an oral conscious prescription pill on her tongue

Oral Sedation

For oral sedation, we will prescribe a medication that you will take prior to your appointment. This is so you will feel more prepared and less anxious when you arrive at our office. It will not make you unconscious but will put you in a foggy and relaxed state. While you will feel different than normal, you will still be able to answer any questions we ask you. We do ask that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment for your safety!

Drawing of a wrist with an IV giving dental sedation medication

IV Sedation

For more severe anxiety and/or complex treatments, IV sedation involves inserting a needle into the back of the hand and administering a medication through an IV. IV sedation renders the patient temporarily unconscious and unable to speak or ask questions. Our highly experienced team controls the amount of sedation that is flowing into your vein throughout the procedure. Additionally, you vital signs will be monitored throughout the treatment to ensure you are stable and comfortable.

Sedation Dentistry in Tucson, AZ

Are you interested in learning more about how sedation dentistry can make your dental visits more comfortable and less stressful? Bring it up at your next visit so we can help you discover a treatment plan. We want you to have a positive experience at our office! We hope to reduce your anxiety and fear so they do not get in the way of you maintaining a healthy smile.

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