Dental Sealants in Tucson, AZ

Brushing, flossing, and routine dental visits can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile year-round. While the prior is part of maintaining a healthy smile, dental sealants can also provide a measure in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Interested in learning how dental sealants can play a part in tooth decay prevention? Give our office a call today!

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Dental sealants are ultra-thin, clear coatings that protect molars from harmful bacteria. The back molars contain dips and grooves that often are hard to reach and clean with a toothbrush and floss consistently. Once a dental sealant is placed on your tooth or teeth, they act as a barrier between teeth and bacteria to keep your teeth clean and aid in tooth decay prevention! Dental sealant application is quick, painless, and allows you to reap the benefits immediately.

One great thing about dental sealants is that there is no set dental sealant age! Dr. Keys and our friendly team can apply dental sealants to any patient interested in tooth decay prevention and a long-lasting smile. However, dental sealants for kids are more popular as placing sealants as early as possible is better. Sealing the molars as they develop can encourage cavity-free teeth from the start of your dental journey. However, dental sealants for adults can be helpful, too, if there are no cavities present.

Typically, dental sealants can last several years before reapplication or removal, making the dental sealants cost well worth it. Each time you visit our office, our team will check your sealants to determine if they are in good condition. If you have dental insurance, the dental sealants cost may be covered. Besides accepting insurance, our office provides a variety of other ways patients can pay for care like FSAs, HSAs, and CareCredit®. For additional financial questions and concerns, give our front office a call or visit our financial page.

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